Opioid addiction treatment for Rural and suburban Alberta communities

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Medication Management

Publicly Funded Care, All visit costs covered by your Alberta Healthcare Card.  Expert care, close to home, rural opioid addiction treatment.

Using telehealth to give care all across Alberta.

Medications are effective.  Call today for more information. 1-844-383-7688 (toll free)

Expert Addiction Counseling Care

Connect with RODP addiction counselors or with local in community therapists.

You can be treated while living at home.

Many contacts by phone or text.  Client who show stability by attending counseling and 12-step meetings get more carried doses.

Live Your Dream!

Opioid Addiction Treatment is very effective.  It helps reduce cravings.  It takes away withdrawal sickness.  Many clients say that they finally feel like themselves again.  Call today for more information! 1-844-383-7688 (toll free)

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Get started with opioid addiction treatment today.  The application form can be completed with any health professional, including with a family doctor or walk in clinic.  Nurse practitioner or addiction counselors can also complete the application.  If you have any questions, just call our toll free number 1-844-383-7688.

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